My Monster

My monster may have diabetes. So says the vet, although he does have a habit of going straight to the most dire diagnosis. When I reported that the cat would occasionally bite, the vet mentioned that there was a certain type of epilepsy they can have that makes them lash out. Epilepsy? He’s just a jerk sometimes.

But I supposed diabetes is better than kidney failure, which is what I went to immediately after the initial symptoms. For several days, he was sucking down water and peeing like a racehorse. I went to clean the sandbox and it was totally sodden. A pile of mud. But the last few days he has gone back to his previous drinking/peeing pattern. But apparently his blood glucose was very high. Stress can cause this, and he was quite stressed as he had to stick around at the vet for five hours while they waited for a urine sample, only to have him pee all over himself. Hmm. So they said.

So last night and this morning I’m looking at him and wondering if he’s actually got back-leg weakness (another symptom) or it’s just my imagination. I have noticed a few times over the last few months that he seems hesitant when preparing to jump up on something. He is going to be 11 in October. But yet, he can still launch himself onto the table. He seemed very tired last night, which I’m sure is natural since he had a stressful day…and got a rabies booster which (I wonder if) can make them sick.

We’ll see. There’s another blood test in the works, and I have to get him to pee into some plastic pellets to get a urine sample. Pretty clever actually. I guess it seems like litter to them, but it’s a pile of pellets so there’s no absorption. I guess the liquid just clings to the pellets and you scoop ’em and dump ’em in some Tupperware.

If he does have diabetes, it’s totally manageable. I don’t relish the idea of giving him insulin injections, but as one website said, it may be a lot easier than pilling him. That is too true. Unless oral meds can be put in food, there’s no way he’s getting pilled. So injections may be the way to go.

So I guess I’m not so much worried as just sad for him. This is his first major health issue in the 9 years I’ve had him. Other than a sort of cold one time which he beat quickly, he’s had nothing. I also blame myself for not being more of a hardass about the dry food. He is my monster and I love him.


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